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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the warranty cover nationwide dealers?
Toyota's warranty is comprehensive and valid at all authorised Toyota dealers across the UK, ensuring you have reliable nationwide coverage. By using a main dealership for servicing, you are then entitled to a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.
How does Toyota's commitment to innovation and sustainability benefit customers?
Toyota's commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in their vehicles, which feature cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly options, and efficient performance. Customers benefit from Toyota's focus on creating environmentally responsible and technologically advanced vehicles, ensuring a harmonious balance between driving pleasure and sustainable practices.
Is a high percentage discount available on all Toyota vehicles?
The availability of discounts on Toyota vehicles varies depending on the model. Our team diligently negotiates the best deals for our customers, aiming to provide exceptional value for their money. Whether it's the versatile Toyota RAV4, the iconic Toyota Prius, or any other model, we are committed to making these innovative and reliable vehicles accessible at competitive prices.
Will I be the first registered keeper of the new Toyota?
When you purchase a Toyota through us, you will be the first registered keeper. All our Toyota vehicles are brand new, ensuring that you enjoy the full benefits and privileges of being the initial owner. Additionally, we sometimes offer pre-registered new cars, which can result in additional savings for our customers.