Tax Free

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About tax free exports

Direct exports (DE) are delivered to the country of destination and cannot be driven in the UK. *Read VAT Notice 703 for further info.*

Personal exports (PE) can be driven in the UK for a limited period before it's exported. *Read VAT Notice 707 for further info.*

You must remain outside of the UK with the vehicle for at least 6 consecutive months from the date of export of the vehicle.

Visiting Forces – we can deliver to your camp/residence in the UK. *You will need to complete a C&E941A*

Sorry, there are currently no tax free deals. If you would like to find out what offers we have available, please call us on 01636 558 885

Our process is simple from enquiry to delivery


Fill in the enquiry form


Provide proof of eligibility


Make your payment


Receive delivery of your tax-free vehicle

And don’t forget…
WE CHARGE NO FEES. Or call 01636 558 885 for further information.


Why should I choose Motorfinity Tax Free?
We have an excellent internal service with over a decade of experience. Our in-house service is second to none offering a 5* service.
Are your cars to UK specification?
Yes. All our cars are to UK specification and are right- hand drives.
Are there any admin fees?
We do not charge any admin fees. There is a DVLA registration fee for Personal export and we pay that for you too.
What about shipping costs and marine insurance for Direct Export?
Your dedicated account manager can arrange these details for you and is ready to guide you using verified providers.
Do you export cars to any destination?
We have experience of tax-free exports to many destinations all over the world. Just place an enquiry and we will advise you and do all the hard work for you.
Can you arrange delivery to where I am serving?
Yes, no problem. We have dedicated teams in your location waiting to organise delivery.
What are the shipping arrangements?
Your vehicle has to enter the UK before: (a) being collected by you or delivered to your UK address for PE or (b) being shipped to a local port where you are stationed DE