Cheap 7 Seaters Cars in the UK 2024

Cheap 7 Seaters Cars in the UK 2024

7 seater cars offer extreme versatility and are family-friendly, but they often come with a hefty price tag.

 At Motorfinity, our experts have given considerable thought to and have examined various factors that determine the effectiveness of a seven-seater, such as versatility, family-friendliness, resale value, all-wheel drive and off-road capability, safety, and, most importantly, affordability.

This guide includes not only the best budget-friendly seven-seater cars available in the UK but also the reasons that make them outstanding and worthy of inclusion on this list.

We would like to point out that we have ranked the cars based solely on price, which we believe should not be the only parameter in assessing a car's quality. We recommend that you review the complete list and evaluate the details carefully to decide whether the car meets your needs.

In the list below, we will include both MPV and SUV options and provide detailed explanations as to why each one is the best choice for specific requirements.

Citroen Berlingo XL Car

The Citroen Berlingo XL is a 7 seater that epitomises ultimate utility and practicality, making it a must-include on this list. It stands as the most affordable option, though comparing it directly with other vehicles here might be inequitable since it's a van-based MPV.

The Berlingo XL is also available in an all-electric variant, catering to the increasing demand for electric vehicles, complete with the latest technology and the added benefit of incentives.

Space is where the Berlingo XL truly shines. If your main priority is transporting a large family with ease, this vehicle is an ideal choice. It boasts ample room, especially in the third row, which is generously designed to accommodate full-sized adults, offering a luxury of space that rivals any competitor. The headroom is so ample that it feels almost bus-like, albeit that's a slight exaggeration.
citroenbirlingo estateRegarding technology and features, the Berlingo XL holds its own against many SUVs, with a respectable infotainment system and dedicated heater controls for added comfort.

While the driving experience might not match the modern SUV feel, looking more akin to a van, it's a trade-off that our experts deem reasonable given its comfort level and price point.

Our expert Kerry recommend the Feel electric variant as electric variant suits more the requirement of the 7 seater. The quiet and smooth ride making it more for the comfortable for the customers hence making it an ideal choice for the customers. The feel electric variant starting price is £27,087 making an affordable choice who values comfortability more. 

Kerry Oconnor
  • Recommended by: Kerry OConnor
  • Variant recommended: Feel XL - 100kW EV with 50kWh battery 
  • Favourite feature: Spacious Interior and Affordable Price
  • Why it deserves to be on this list: Comfort and utility, it can be a double decker considering the head space and all in budget.

Nissan X Trail

The Nissan X-Trail stands out as a formidable competitor among the top 7 seater SUVs in the market, boasting a design ethos that harmonises family adventure with aesthetic appeal. Nissan has proven its expertise in crafting attractive large cars, drawing on design lessons possibly gleaned from the Juke.

 nissan x trail station wagon 1.5 mhev 163 Acenta Premium

Giving an equal competition to Skoda Kodiaq and the Seat Tarraco, the Nissan X trail have a class of its own . The V shape plunges down the front of the vehicle , creating a bold and dynamic look. Though beauty is subjective, the X-Trail doesn't sacrifice functionality, style, or practicality, positioning it strongly in its segment.

The 2023 variant of the X-Trail introduces the ProPilot semi-autonomous driving technology, which greatly enhances the driving experience. This feature supports the driver with a variety of functions such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), and Traffic Jam Pilot — to highlight just a few.

We recommend the 1.5 petrol mild hybrid Acenta Premium variant. It has the variable compression engine which is highly useful to adjust the compression ratio which results in more efficient handling in difficult driving condition making it one of the most useful feature that 7 seater must have. It also has an improved torque output giving high power, a must have requirement for a 7 seater car. The Acenta Premium is also available in the electric option provide quiet and smooth operation and can be a good option based on the needs.

The starting price the mild hybrid Acenta model is £34,565 making a fair option when going in the 7 seater big SUV options. Also, you can get further discount if you are from one of our eligible audience list. 

Laura clark
  • Recommended by: Laura Clark 
  • Variant recommended: 1.5 Mhev 163 Acenta Premium 5dr [7 Seat] Xtronic
  • Favourite feature: Dynamic Exterior and Panoramic Sunroof.
  • Why it deserves to be on this list: Flexible seating configuration and economical engine.

Seat Tarraco

The Seat Tarraco represents Seat's venture into the competitive luxury large SUV market. It is loaded with modern features that enhance comfort and add a contemporary edge, distinguishing it from its rivals. 

Seat Tarraco 2.0 Tdi Xperience

The Tarraco is offered in four variants, but our expert particularly recommends the XPERIENCE model. He finds it offers the best value for a diverse range of needs. It features 19-inch machined alloy wheels, full LED headlights, and daytime running lights (DRLs), presenting a compelling choice for its price category. The matt chrome finish on the front grille frame is our favourite aesthetic touch. While many large SUVs focus primarily on utility, the SEAT Tarraco doesn't sacrifice appearance, making it a standout for its attractive design and practical features.

The vehicle is comfortable. The third row seating can be a compromise however it does offer sufficient legroom and head space making it ideal for the long distance travel. The boot capacity is 700 litre making it an ideal family-oriented practical large SUV.

The Xperience variant comes in two engine sizes: 1.5 EcoTSI DSG  which is a petrol engine, TSI indicates petrol, AND 2.0 TDI engine which is a diesel engine. We recommend the diesel variant as the diesel option offers better fuel efficiency, making it ideal for the long distance travel as the 7 seaters are mostly used for. It also have higher torque making it ideal for the load carrying and have better resale value as well.

The price of the Xperience diesel variant starts at £39,270, but if you are from our list of eligible audience then you can save massively and get the vehicle at £33,276 only. 

Expert Image
  • Recommended By: Chris Marren
  • Variant recommended:  Seat Tarraco Estate 2.0 Tdi Xperience 5dr Dsg.
  • Favourite feature: 19" machined alloy wheels and 1.25" screen digital cockpit.
  • Why it deserves to be on this list: The cheapest yet powerful and comfortable large SUV.

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq is a trend setter when it comes to estimating how good a particular 7 seater is. The current Skoda is the fourth generation of the car and has moved from a traditional bulky looking 7 seater utility vehicle to a more modern and practical 7 seater. 

Skoda launched the fourth generation in 2020, and it got a facelift in 2021. The change is not as radical but still the changes are quite sharp. Also, Skoda Kodiaq is planning to release its new model in early 2024. The new Kodiaq will be longer and wider than its predecessor, as the Skoda is looking to address the need of a 7 seater and be a strong contender in the market. it has a more spacious interior as well. It will also be available with plug in hybrid powertrain for the first time.

Our experts recommend the Kodiaq SE Drive (7 seats) variant.  It is the most affordable among all the variants that Skoda Kodiaq has to offer. It is a good looking SUV. It is an entry level trim but does not underperform in any regard. The variant is available in various power trains: 1.5 litre turbocharge 150 horse per gasoline engine and 2.0 litre gasoline engine available in both 150 and 190, choosing which one to go for depends on needs and circumstance. 

When comes to the fuel economy it is 39.1 which is average considering the size of the vehicle, it is not among the best in the class but is not worse either. 

skoda kodiaq 2.0 tdi se l executive

In terms of the size, it is a bit smaller as compared to its competitors like Tiguan All Space however a bit bigger when compared to the competitors as Nissan X trail. The interior  space does not feel cramped up in anyway or another. the third row seating is only comfortable for the children or smaller adults for the smaller trips.

It is a comfortable drive, in no way does the 1.5 litre underperform. It is designed to offer a balance between power, fuel efficiency, and practicality. It is one of the best choice when it comes to daily commuting and family use.

Cameron Jones
  • Recommended by: Cameron Jones
  • Variant recommended: SE Drive 7 Seater
  • Favourite feature: Comfortable ride and practical interior
  • Why it deserves to be on this list: Affordable price considering the value it provides.

Volkswagen Touran

The Volkswagen Touran also deserves a spot on this list as a 7 seater designed to meet the requirements of a modern family. It has undergone numerous updates, and the latest 2024 model elevates the MPV category with its advanced features.

volkswagen touran motorfinityWhile the Touran's exterior design may not be its strongest selling point, it's the vehicle's functionality, comfort, and practicality that truly stand out. With safety and convenience features like adaptive cruise control, lane assist, and front assist, the Touran is well-equipped, showcasing attention to detail that some MPV manufacturers tend to overlook. The driving experience is noteworthy, offering a balance and engaging feel that emphasises its strengths in practicality and comfort.

Dimensionally, the Touran's length is 4,527 mm, which is slightly less than the Tiguan Allspace; however, it more than compensates with a generous cargo capacity of 834 litres, surpassing the Allspace's 760 litres.

Comparing it with the other Volkswagen model is Tiguan All Space, one of the main difference is their body style: Touran is a minivan while the Tiguan is a SUV. The body style makes it Touran more spacious and comfortable as compared to the Tiguan. 

Priced starting at £37,330, the Touran is positioned in the same segment as the Tiguan Allspace and the Kodiaq, among other modern 7 seater SUVs. Is it justified to be on this list at this price point? The answer is a resounding yes. For customers who prioritise advanced technology—like the composition media infotainment system or composition colour radio—and who seek a vehicle that doesn't compromise on practicality and comfort, the Volkswagen Touran is an attractive and worthy option.

Jack Rayson
  • Recommended by: Jack Rayson
  • Variant recommended: SE Family
  • Favourite feature: Advanced Tech 

  • Why it deserves to be on this list: A well equipped minivan that offers a lot of space, comfort, and feature at a reasonable price

Volkswagen Tiguan All Space

The Tiguan Allspace must be included in this list. While it may not be the cheapest option available, its range of features and functionality justifies its placement. The Tiguan excels in space and seating, offering ample headroom and legroom, with seats designed to accommodate passengers of all sizes — the rear seats are not merely for small children, which is a common limitation in 7 seater vehicles.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

In terms of driving experience, the Tiguan Allspace provides a comfortable and composed ride with commendable handling for its class. The 'Life' variant comes highly recommended; although it's the entry-level model of the Allspace line up, it doesn't skimp on quality or features. 

The line up includes a 1.5 TSI 150PS 6-speed manual engine, with the option for a 7-speed automatic or a 2.0-liter diesel engine, both available in automatic and manual transmissions. Compared to its rivals, such as the Skoda Kodiaq and the Kia Sorento, the Tiguan Allspace stands out for its fuel efficiency. The standard manual 1.5-liter petrol engine offers an impressive fuel economy of 42.2 mpg, placing it favourably among its peers.

In summary, when you consider the overall quality and practicality required of a 7 seater, the Tiguan Allspace emerges as one of the best options on the market. The price may be a consideration, but purchasing through Motorfinity could ease this issue. With its superior interior quality, spacious and comfortable seating, and advanced tech and infotainment features, the Tiguan Allspace rightly claims its spot among the top 7 seater vehicles available.

Olivia wise
  • Recommended By: Olivia Wise
  • Variant recommended: Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Estate 1.5 TSI Life 5dr
  • Favourite feature: Ergo Active front seats and driver assistance system.
  • Why it deserves to be on this list: Highly practical and designed for the modern needs.

Ford S Max

Talking about the comfort and practical 7 seaters and we must mention the Ford S Max.

Starting with the interior, the vehicle offers good space for the passengers, it is not as spacious as the top 7 seaters in this list. The third row is not comfortable for the adults as compared to the Touran or Nissan X trail.  For small children is not an issue. 

ford s max

The S-Max excels with its exterior design, standing out as a particularly attractive option in the 7 seater segment. It successfully sheds the van-like appearance that MPVs sometimes have, offering a more car-like aesthetic.

Available in 3 trims—Titanium, ST-Line, and Vignale—the Vignale diesel variant comes highly recommended. It features 18-inch alloy wheels and sumptuous Salerno leather upholstery in charcoal black. Despite being the least expensive variant, it does not lag in performance.

The 2.0-litre diesel engine is notable for its excellent combination of performance and fuel efficiency, delivering an impressive 350 Nm of torque for robust performance.

Priced at £38,240, the Ford S-Max is slightly pricier compared to some others on the list, but it justifies its cost for those prioritising a dynamic drive and a high level of comfort in a family-oriented 7 seater.

Brad O'Donnel
  • Recommended by: Brady O'Donnell
  • Variant recommended: S Max Titanium
  • Favourite feature: Rear seat entertainment system
  • Why it deserves to be on this list: A complete family 7 seater that looks great too.

Kia Sorento

When it comes to the "big boys" of 7 seater SUVs, which combine exceptional comfort with stunning looks, the Kia Sorento stands as a notable option. Our experts particularly recommend the Sorento 'Vision' variant, which features a 1.6 Turbocharged self-charging hybrid engine paired with an automatic all-wheel-drive system. Although the 'Vision' is the entry-level trim, it doesn't fall short on delivering the desirable attributes of a seven-seater. Additionally, there's a 2.2 diesel engine option available, which may appeal to those looking for a slightly less expensive alternative.

kia sorento station wagon

The starting price for our recommended variant of the Kia Sorento is £46,945, which may be on the higher end compared to most of the 7 seater SUVs previously mentioned. In terms of performance, it surpasses them. While it's not entirely fair to juxtapose it with the power of an Audi Q8's V8 engine, the Sorento still delivers commendable power alongside comfort, making it an ideal choice for customers seeking a high-performance seven-seater SUV on a budget.

The new variant offers increased comfort, with a wheelbase that’s extended by 35 mm compared to previous models, enhancing the vehicle’s stability and ride quality. In our recommended variant, the Sorento achieves 0-62 mph in 8.4 seconds, which is competitive for its class. Although the diesel model lags slightly behind the hybrid in acceleration, it's worth considering for those who prioritize fuel economy over speed. With a top speed of 119 mph, the Sorento balances performance with practicality.

Amy Johnson
  • Recommended by: Amy Johnson
  • Variant recommended: Edition
  • Favourite feature: 3D embossed black leather seats
  • Why it deserves to be on this list: Great option for families who are looking for a spacious, comfortable, and feature-rich SUV

Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 indeed commands attention in the luxury 7 seater SUV market, offering a compelling mix of features and value.

When you consider the Audi Q7, you're looking at more than just a vehicle with a significant price tag. With a starting price of £63,058, it positions itself as a value proposition in the upscale seven-seater SUV category. It's a package of power and features, designed to deliver a superior driving experience that sets families apart in their travel class.

audi q7 estate motorfinity

The design of the Q7 distinguishes it in a field often dominated by function over form. It melds style with a sporty essence, featuring sleek lines and an athletic stance not commonly found in large family cars. The Q7's appeal transcends aesthetics, boasting a powerful V8 engine, adaptive air suspension, and the customisable Audi drive select system. This makes the Q7 not only a statement of luxury but also a pleasure to drive.

For those in the market for an all-encompassing vehicle — a spacious family carrier, an opulent cruiser, and an exciting drive — the Q7 stands out as a prime choice. It's an investment in driving pleasure, offering a taste of the high-end SUV experience at a price that's relatively accessible. This blend of luxury, performance, and value is what keeps the Audi Q7 at the forefront for discerning drivers who demand the best of both worlds.

Josh Holt
  • Recommended by: Josh Holt
  • Variant recommended: 55 TFSI Quattro S Line 5dr Tiptronic
  • Favourite feature: Sportier Styling
  • Why it deserves to be on this list: Powerful 7 seater SUV 


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