Audi Q3 S line 2024 Review

Audi Q3 S line 2024 Review

Our Latest 59 Second Review of the Audi Q3 S-Line 45 TFSI e Sportback is Here! A compact SUV that combines style, performance, and practicality. Whether it’s impressive performance with a top speed of 130 mph and 0-62 in just 7.3 seconds, stylist and sturdy wheels or comfortable interior, the Q3 has all the distinctive qualities that make it remarkable. 

For a stellar perception of our review, cast your eyes on the dynamic footage above of the Audi Q3 in deep Navarra Blue. If you would like to read more, then delve deeper into our thoughts by checking out our blog below.


Audi Q3 2024 Overview:

The key aesthetic upgrades for the 2024 Q3 S Line primarily revolve around the front and rear design. In the 2024 model, the front showcases a striking single-frame grille as its standout feature, prominently displaying the Audi logo at the centre. Complementing this grille are split headlights, enhancing its fashionable and modern look.


As Audi describes it, "it's a true all-rounder" in every aspect. During the test, our experts inferred that it offers impressive performance features, making it a fun and exciting vehicle. If you are among drivers who prioritise performance, it's a great choice because it combines a powerful gasoline engine and electric motor; it's an all-wheel drive with a sporty suspension.

Going into official figures: this SUV has a top speed of 130 mph, 0-62 in 7.3 seconds, and above-average brake horsepower of 245. All of these make it a powerful and sporty vehicle with good acceleration and high-speed capability. If you are thinking, "What is break horsepower?" It is a measure of the machine's power output, and a higher number indicates a more powerful engine.

Eddie Cunningham, a trusted reviewer of cars, has praised this compact SUV for its impressive power, in independent car reviews he mentions that this car has more than decent smattering of power for a compact SUV of this size. 


Moving inside the car, the thing that catches the most intention is the pulse cloth twin leather seats that are embossed with the S-line badge, and it enhances the visual experience with a clean design.

Additionally, the leather steering wheel in a 3-spoke design with multi function plus and Audi's virtual cockpit is all a perfect mixture of elegance and modernity.

Audi Q3 S Line Interior

Now, if you are thinking about a virtual cockpit, it sounds like a spectral vehicle cabin; actually, it's just one of Audi's creative mind's ideas to name the new digital instrument cluster the virtual cockpit. Audi defines their virtual cockpit as a fully digital instrument cluster replacing traditional speedo and rev counter, even on entry-level sports models. The Audi Q3 S-line virtual cockpit is a 10.25-inch digital screen that can be returned to a 12.3-inch screen at an extra cost.

When it comes to sound, the Sonos sound system offers an exceptional audio experience to all occupants of the car. The Sonos sound system ensures everyone in the car enjoys an outstanding listening experience. It's evident through the quality that the designer has worked closely with the acoustic engineer to create a visually stunning and sonically impressive product.

The illuminated door trims with matt brushed aluminium inlays enhance the aesthetics of the SUV. The privacy glass adds a style element and provides a sense of security. It’s also excellent for filtering out sunlight on bright sunny days. These functionalities make it very desirable.


Regarding the exterior, the sporty design fulfils the missing element absent in most SUVs. The Audi single-frame grill with a honeycomb pattern, bound with LED lights presenting a sleek design, makes the entire front modern, sporty, and just a treat to watch.

The stylish yet sturdy 19" twin-spoke dynamic design alloy wheels allow you to drive confidently, and they add depth and texture to the car's appearance. When paired with wider tyres, they increase the robustness and make the car more modern and sportier.

The car's rear includes a sloping roof line, a low rear window, and LED taillights with a distinctive lighting signature. To add more practicality, Audi has also added a power-operated tailgate.

To conclude, Audi describes the S line bumpers and 19" alloy wheels as increasing the vehicle's powerful stance.


Considering that this is an Audi family SUV, an additional emphasis has been put on the car's safety features. Some of the most notable safety features are: Driver Assistance systems, six airbags, (one each for the driver and front passenger, one each on the driver and front passenger sides, and two curtains). The car also has Audi Side Assist, which uses radar sensors to monitor the blind spot areas behind the vehicle. Also, to maintain the sustainability and control of the car, the electronic sustainability control feature is super helpful as well.

In terms of safety on the road, the cruise control with a speed limiter feature makes it easy to maintain a safe and consistent speed, while the Hill Hold Assist makes hill starts a piece of cake. These features ensure a smooth and stress-free driving experience. 



This SUV is fully packed with advanced technology that makes it so desirable - especially for all the gearheads. The Audi MMI Navigation Plus system, which is a touch, and the Go Aviation system allow you to communicate with the vehicle at the touch of a button. This feature enhances convenience and keeps you connected while on the go. The Audi Q3’s 10.1-inch screen is bigger than other brands in its class: For instance, the BMW x2, Mercedes Benz GLA and Volvo XC40 all have a screen size of less than 9.1 inches.

This beautiful Audi Q3 Sportback S line TFSI e combines the electric motor with a traditional combustion engine to improve fuel efficiency and performance. It also comes with Audi E-Tron Charging Service, which makes it easy to access and pay for public charging.

Final Verdict

Our Final Verdict on this top-of-the-line stylish family SUV that it is a well rounded family SUV that offers comfort, space, and safety features that are important to families and along with that it offers advance technology experience to all those technology enthusiasts as well. 

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