Volkswagen in Partnership with Motorfinity

Volkswagen in Partnership with Motorfinity

While many manufacturers closed all their operations when Lockdown began in 2020, Volkswagen applied the same determination to serve our Emergency Services as we did. And so, a very, strong partnership was forged between us.

Volkswagen has always been one of our most popular brands and, with a long-standing reputation for build quality, they have particularly resonated with our military audience.

Investing in the Future

The concept of the Volkswagen - the people's car - was created in 1934 by Ferdinand Porsche as an affordable and reliable means of transport for everyone. Since those early days the company has developed to become a major global force in car manufacturing. Their range of models ensures that there is something for everyone.

In honouring the past, we invest in the future and Volkswagen are at the forefront of pioneering developments in design, technology, and environmental initiatives. They’re certainly moving rapidly in the electric market with their all-electric family including the e-UP, e-Golf, ID.3, ID.4, and ID.Buzz already available and not to forget the popular plugin hybrid including Volkswagen Golf GTE, Volkswagen Touareg R eHybrid and Volkswagen Tiguan  . The ID.Buzz has recently not only won the Best Large Car of the Year, but also the Overall Best Car of the Year in the What Car? Awards 2023).

The ID.5 is now open to order, and there’s an air of excitement about the upcoming launch of the ID.7 which will replace the Passat. With a range estimate of around 435 miles on a single charge, we’re expecting a lot of interest in this roomy, upscaled model.

New terms, great discounts

Motorfinity are thrilled to have recently agreed new terms with our Volkswagen partners, offering fantastic new discounts for our eligible audience on several, favourite models.

The ever-popular VW Golf R is a prime example of this with amazing discounts of around £8,000!

CEO, Daniel Briggs, is quick to acknowledge the support given to our specialist customers:

“I wish to personally thank Volkswagen for their continued support and recognition of the importance of valuing our customer base by offering them such advantageous terms.”