Overcoming Range Anxiety

Overcoming Range Anxiety

We all tend to fear change at some point in our lives and moving to full electrification of cars is a big change for a lot of our customers. In reality, is it really as scary as we think it will be? Still unsure? Motorfinity Account Manager, James Erdogan, considers how to make a more gradual transition.

If you want to have a back-up plan and take the middle ground for a while, you may want to consider purchasing a plug-in hybrid, (PHEV). These models are a great first step into the world of electrified cars and can potentially help you save on fuel and contribute to our greener future.

What are the benefits of purchasing a PHEV?

1) Avoiding the high price tag that full electric cars tend to have whilst still getting a lot of the money-saving benefits, (e.g., cheaper company car tax, VED, and congestion charges).

2) Helping the environment as a greener option than fuel-powered vehicles.

3) Great for short journeys as you can use full electric power.

4) Great for people with range anxiety as you can still rely on the petrol engine if you run out of power.

Who should buy a PHEV?

If you are someone who lives in a city, uses their vehicle as a company car, generally tends to make shorter daily journeys or is still a bit unsure about going full electric, then a PHEV is something you should consider as the key benefits are in your favour! 

Top 3 PHEV’s Available through Motorfinity

Volkswagen Golf Style 1.4 PHEV 204ps DSG

Highly recommended option in the family car class, the Style trim offers smart styling inside and out. For company car drivers, the BIK tax payments are more attractive and the reduction in emissions is increasingly a consideration fulfilled with this model.

  • Impressive, official 43 miles electric range.
  • 0 emissions in e-mode + £0 road tax in the first year.
  • Fully charges in 3 hours 40 mins with a wall box charger.
  • Motorfinity Saving of almost £3,500*

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Cupra Formentor V2 e-Hybrid 204ps Auto

Attractive Coupe SUV with sharp looking exterior and smart interior. Seating 4 tall adults and with a good boot capacity, it is versatile on use of space. Being very well-equipped and great value, it’s certainly worth your consideration.

  • 34 miles electric range*
  • Amazing performance with 204 BHP and 0-60 in 7.8 seconds!
  • Fully charges in 3 hours 40 mins.
  • Motorfinity Saving of almost £5,500*

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Audi A3 Sportback S LineTFSI e

Premium styling and finish making it the standout member of the Audi Hybrid family. It combines the best of both worlds – the functionalities of a combustion engine with a powerful electric motor. 

  • Officially up to 37 miles of pure-electric drive.
  • Fully charges in around 4 hours.
  • Top performer now with greater efficiency and comfort.
  • Motorfinity Saving of £5,275*

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