An Insight Into the Hospice World

An Insight Into the Hospice World
“Without giving back, we couldn’t keep doing what we’re doing.”

In conversation with Louise Sinclair, CEO of Beaumond House Hospice Care, we discuss the challenges faced, common myths associated with hospice care, and filling rooms with love and laughter.

Louise has worked at Beaumond House for over 16 years and recently took on the role of CEO. She has enormous experience as a clinician making a difference in the world of palliative care:

“I wanted to be a nurse from the age of 6. I trained in York, worked in hospital settings before moving to district care. I loved caring for patients in their own homes: It’s a very different relationship involving families, neighbours, pets – it’s about the whole person.”

From Clinician to CEO

“I absolutely can’t think of anywhere else I’d like to work.”

Alongside key areas of development over the next 5 years, Louise shares the exciting news about the possibility of a new unit at the hospice. The in-patient care is somewhat dated with bedrooms upstairs. A new unit would add more rooms at ground floor level making the whole care package more accessible.

The Biggest Challenge

Incredibly, the hospice is not fully-funded – only a third of the funds needed are sourced through the Integrated Care Board with around £1.1 million left to find.

Much of the fundraising is in memoriam – leaving gifts, pledges in wills often save the hospice but the shops, events, balls, lottery-funding, donations from local companies and individuals as well as other activities are all essential in helping to clear the deficit.

This gets increasingly hard to do in the present climate.

Myth-busting – What is a hospice?

Louise is keen to bust this myth:

“We provide care in the short-term unit stabilising symptoms, helping people to plan ahead, and also providing emotional support to enable patients to stay at home.”

“When patients are diagnosed, the conversation around their care needs is easier in a local setting rather than in a large hospital setting. Often patients are not sure what they need, and we are here to listen and give advice where needed."

“We can start with complementary therapies for both patients and their carers. The hospice is a place also for those surrounding the patient. Being a carer 24/7 takes a huge toll and there must be some respite. We work together to enable this."


Team Motorfinity was privileged to witness the Beaumond House Hospice Care team receive the ‘Team of the Year’ Award at the Newark Business Awards ceremony this year.

A ‘Thank You’ From Louise

“I’d like to offer my thanks to Motorfinity on behalf of the hospice. We rely so heavily on the community whether that’s businesses right through to individuals giving us small amounts. Every little bit helps to keep the hospice going - thank you very much.”

“Without giving back, we couldn’t keep doing what we’re doing.”

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