Unveiling Ford's Conclusion of Fiesta Production: Essential Information You Should Know

Unveiling Ford

The time has come for us to say a heartfelt farewell to our beloved Ford Fiesta. Over its 47 years of existence, the Fiesta has been with us on many adventures, impressing us with its lively performance, stylish design, and impressive fuel efficiency. But as things change, Ford has made the difficult decision to move on. Without a doubt, we will greatly miss the Fiesta's lively character.

The End of an Era

The Ford Fiesta has left a significant impact on the automotive industry throughout its existence. With Its zippy performance, stylish design, and remarkable fuel efficiency, the Fiesta has set a benchmark for subcompact cars. Its introduction brought  forth a new level of affordability and practicality without compromising on quality or features. The Fiesta's innovative engineering and smart design choices have influenced the development of other vehicles in its class, shaping the industry's approach to compact and efficient cars.

FORD FIESTA 1976 to 1983 model

Why Ford is Stopping the Fiesta

Ford's decision to discontinue the production of the Fiesta is influenced by various factors. Despite its successful 47-year run and loyal fanbase, market conditions and evolving consumer preferences have played a significant role in this choice. Ford has analysed sales figures, customer demand, and changing market dynamics, leading them to reallocate their resources and prioritise other vehicle models that better align with current market trends and future strategies.

One of the main reasons for ending the Fiesta's production is the shifting dynamics of the automotive industry. This can be seen in Ford's Electrification plan for 2030, where they are committed to making their entire range zero emissions capable by mid-2026 and transitioning all hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles to fully electric by 2030.

Another important factor is the increasing demand for larger vehicles like SUVs and crossovers, which offer more space and versatility. This change in consumer preferences has led Ford, along with many other automakers, to focus on the production and development of these popular vehicle segments.

Additionally, Ford's strategic business decisions also contribute to this choice. The company is prioritising the development of cars that are simplified and have lower production costs. Tim Slatter, the UK Ford boss, stated in the Financial Times that:

“The demand on the product development activities globally is reducing [because] the reality is once the technology is developed, it’s much easier to repeatedly install in future vehicles.”

Financial Times

Ford is also keen to launch vehicles that use its own in house system, which is being engineered by Ford in the US.

What Will Replace the Ford Fiesta?

There won't be any replicable version of the Fiesta. The three-door model of the Fiesta has already been discontinued earlier in 2022, and the five-door version has also been stopped.

Although there's no direct replacement for the Fiesta, Ford isn't abandoning the compact car market. Instead, they are embracing the shift towards electric vehicles, focusing their efforts on a different model that aligns with contemporary automotive trends.

The Ford Puma, previously a compact crossover model, has been reimagined as an electric vehicle (EV) and is poised to step into the void left by the Fiesta. While it's not a like-for-like replacement, the Puma EV maintains the spirit of the Fiesta, offering compact agility combined with the modern benefits of an electric powertrain.. 


As we say our farewells to the iconic Ford Fiesta, we can't help but feel a tinge of nostalgia.Its zesty performance, timeless design, and incredible fuel efficiency have left an indelible mark on automotive enthusiasts worldwide. While the Fiesta may be retiring, Ford's dedication to pushing boundaries and creating new experiences guarantees an exciting future.

Our CEO, Daniel Briggs, reflects upon the Ford Fiesta, emphasising its status as an enduring British icon:

CEO Picture

"The Ford Fiesta holds a special place in our hearts, as it has been an integral part of our lives for an impressive 47 years, surpassing my own age of 43. Witnessing the conclusion of its production marks the end of an era—a farewell to the car that has been a familiar sight on our roads and holds cherished memories for countless individuals."

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