The Chameleon of the Car Industry

The Chameleon of the Car Industry

Imagine being able to change the colour of your car at the touch of a button? BMW’s all-electric iX SUV model with its cutting-edge technology, has been specially developed to change the exterior colour from black to white or even with light and dark stripes.

Not available for public sale yet, the concept car proved to be the top attention-getter at this year’s #CES2022. It has a specially developed wraparound shell containing electronic ink which is activated at a touch of a button.

Not only can this technology be used when you fancy a colour change but also to locate your car by making it flash. It can also display the vehicle battery capacity externally.

For those of us who dither about the choice of exterior colour and then regret our decision, or can’t agree on this with our partner, then this could be the game-changer. I, for one, am good at ‘losing’ my grey car in a sea of grey cars in big car parks but imagine if I could change mine to the brightest colour there with a simple touch of the key fob! Changing to the bright version would be fantastic in awful weather conditions, themed colours at Christmas, (red and green of course), colours of the rainbow, or even herringbone to make a fashion statement might all be a possibility!!!

With environmental factors increasing all the time, a light-toned exterior could keep the car and its interior cooler on a hot summer’s day!

The BMW iX Flow with E Ink is currently an ‘advanced research and design project’ according to BMW signalling a future of greater personalisation of vehicles being produced.

BMW have taken up the technology for colour-changing cars so what’s next? Colour-changing houses? Colour-changing interior walls? Let your imagination roam and let us know where you think this could lead next!

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