Best Estate Cars 2023

Best Estate Cars 2023

Even though SUVs have increased in popularity in recent years, many consumers remain faithful to estate cars. Offering an impressive combination of practicality, versatility, comfort, and aesthetics, they continue to be a compelling choice in catering to diverse needs and preferences.

This year’s lineup of the best estate models available in the UK is featured here and has huge appeal with great discounts for our Motorfinity audience.

Our Motorfinity experts have hand-picked six models that make a compelling choice of vehicles for you.

From the spacious and elegant Skoda Octavia Estate vRS to the refined luxury of the Audi A6 Avant and the dynamic appeal of the Ford Focus Estate ST-Line X, let's look at this year's lineup and the features that make them stand out.

Skoda Octavia Estate: Space Redefined

Retail Price: £37,785
Motorfinity Price: £31,880
Leasing Price: £293.90
Nominated by: Josh Holt
Model presented is: Octavia Estate vRS 2.0 TSI 245 PS DSG

If you're looking for a car that does it all, the Skoda Octavia is the perfect choice. It has the perfect blend of three essential qualities for an estate car: spaciousness, performance, and features. 

Known for its remarkable spaciousness and versatility, the Skoda Octavia Estate remains a true champion in the estate category. Offering generous legroom, ample cargo space, and a selection of powerful engines, the Octavia Estate effortlessly combines functionality with comfort.

Motorfinity expert, Josh Holt, loves this model and shares his opinion on it:

Josh Holt, Motorfinity

“Whether you're transporting your family or loading up for a weekend getaway, this estate delivers on every front. Metallic colours are free of charge. The rest is a blank canvas ready for you to customise to suit your needs.”

Audi A4 Avant: Elegance Meets Utility

Retail Price: £48,730
Motorfinity Price: £32,804
Leasing Price: £581.83
Nominated by: Chris Marren
Model presented is: Audi A4 Avant 40 TFSI 204 S Line 5dr S Tronic

The 2023 Audi A4 Avant impresses with its stylish exterior, featuring aerodynamic lines and the signature Audi grille. Engine options are versatile, from turbocharged four-cylinders to robust V6s, benefiting from Audi's Quattro all-wheel drive for superior handling.

Step inside, and you're greeted by luxurious materials like leather and aluminum accents. The infotainment system is cutting-edge, offering a large touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Safety tech like adaptive cruise control adds peace of mind.

Practicality is noticed, as emphasised by Motorfinity expert Chris Marren. The cargo space is generous, and the rear seats fold for even more room. The A4 Avant perfectly melds elegance with utility, making it a top pick in the premium estate category.

Chris Marren, Motorfinity

“It’s everything you’d expect from an Audi… and more!"

Audi A6 Avant: Performance and Prestige

Retail Price: £51,570
Leasing Price: £518.56
Nominated by: Jed Wilton
Model presented is: Audi A6 Avant 40 TFSI Black Edition 5dr S Tronic

The Audi A6 Avant is a blend of luxury and performance. Its exterior showcases Audi's signature style, while versatile engine options, often paired with quattro all-wheel drive, ensure top-tier driving dynamics. The interior offers a mix of high-end materials and tech, featuring an intuitive infotainment system and safety features. Motorfinity expert Jed Wilton highlights the model's spaciousness, pointing to generous cargo space and comfortable seating. In short, the A6 Avant is a premium estate car that combines luxury, practicality, and performance.

Jed wilton Expert
Jed Wilton, Motorfinity

“The A6 Avant's dynamic handling and powerful engine options make every drive a memorable experience. My choice of spec is top end without adding any additional extras. Mega Motorfinity discount makes it a stunning choice"

Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake: Style Redefined

Retail Price: £43,625
Leasing Price: £442.61
Nominated by: Laura Clark
Model presented is: Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2.0 TSI R-Line 5dr DSG

The Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake is a stunner in both design and performance. Its eye-catching silhouette and unique design elements set it apart, embodying a sporty elegance. Under the hood, it offers efficient powertrain options that complement its style with solid performance.

Inside, you'll find a blend of aesthetics and utility. The cabin is well-designed, featuring quality materials and a user-friendly infotainment system. Its practical side shines in the spacious cargo area, which can be further expanded by folding down the rear seats for added versatility.

Motorfinity expert Laura Clarke highlights it as a stand-out choice, underscoring its unique blend of flair and functionality. In summary, the Arteon Shooting Brake is for those who want a stylish yet practical estate, offering a perfect balance between eye-catching design and everyday utility.

Laura Clark Expert
 Laura Clark, Motorfinity

“I love the detail like the leather-wrapped multi-function sports steering wheel, and I’d opt for the ‘Discover Media’ navigation system including streaming and internet. It really is a beautiful design"

Ford Focus Estate: Dynamic Performance

Retail Price: £32,680
Motorfinity Price: £27,209
Nominated by: Oley Bentley
Model presented is: Ford Focus Estate 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid mHEV ST-Line X 5dr Auto

The Ford Focus Estate ST-Line X excels in combining sportiness with practicality. Its exterior design is striking, characterized by sporty styling elements that set it apart. Under the hood, a responsive engine paired with a tuned suspension provides an exhilarating driving experience.

The interior doesn't disappoint, either. It's well-designed, boasting quality materials and advanced tech features like a user-friendly infotainment system. Practicality is a key strength, as evidenced by the spacious cargo area ideal for daily needs, further expandable by folding down the rear seats.

Motorfinity expert Oliver Bentley, a self-proclaimed petrolhead, praises the model. He notes that the Focus Estate ST-Line X successfully embodies Ford's mission to add a touch of excitement to everyday journeys.

Oliver Bentley Expert
Oliver Bentley, Motorfinity

“For driving enthusiasts who desire both space and thrilling performance, this model fits the bill. It’s on offer with an amazing discount too."

Seat Leon Estate: Compact Dynamism

Retail Price: £29,185
Motorfinity Price: £25,222
Nominated by: Oley Bentley
Model presented is: Seat Leon Estate 2.0 TDI SE Dynamic 5dr

The Seat Leon Estate is a compelling choice for those seeking compactness and power. Its sharp design gives it an eye-catching appeal, while the agile handling and range of efficient engines make it versatile for various driving conditions.

The interior is well-thought-out, featuring quality materials and modern tech, including a user-friendly infotainment system. Its compact size doesn’t compromise practicality; the Leon Estate offers ample cargo space and can adapt to family needs by folding the rear seats.

Motorfinity expert Olivia Wise recommends the model for budget-conscious buyers, emphasising its value-for-money proposition. This estate excels in design and performance and provides practicality and versatility at a competitive price point.

Olivia Wise car expert
Olivia Wise, Motorfinity

“The Leon showcases that a smaller estate can still deliver big on performance and functionality and offered at a great Motorfinity discounted price too."

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