Why Buy New? 5 Benefits of Buying a New Car

Why Buy New? 5 Benefits of Buying a New Car

Whether you’ve just passed your test, are starting a new job or have welcomed a new family member, purchasing a new car is always an exciting time.

It’s also a big investment, so you want to know that you’re making the right choice before you pick up the keys. You might be asking yourself, ‘should I buy a new car? Or should I take a look at the second-hand market?’.

The rising cost of living and ongoing climate crisis is prompting lots of people to reconsider how they spend their money – a recent survey found that around a fifth of people are buying more second-hand items in order to save cash.

Fashion purchases are largely driving this second-hand trend, but buying a car is very different. Older cars are generally less efficient which means fuel costs are higher. And they’re more prone to faults, which can quickly cause lots of expensive repairs.

Before you make your decision, here are our top five benefits of buying a new car:

1. You get to enjoy the latest technology on the market

Automotive technology is developing rapidly. Every year, manufacturers introduce improvements that make their cars safer, and more fuel efficient. When you buy a new car, you have access to the latest models on the market which have these incorporated as standard.

Electric and hybrid cars are a perfect example of this. According to Pod Point, it costs an average of around £15.10 to fully charge an electric car at home – but to get the best value and long-term battery life, it’s often advised to buy new.

Other features such as in-car audio systems, voice operated controls or even dashboard graphics will also be much more advanced in a brand new car, so if you love to have the latest technology, then it’s worth buying a new car.

2. No nasty surprises

When you purchase a brand new vehicle, you know exactly what to expect – zero mileage and a clean history. Even after taking it on a test drive, a second-hand car can often reveal some nasty surprises once it’s been on the road for a short while – this could be frustrating faults that are costly to fix, or cause unnecessary stress when it’s time to get your annual MOT.

Purchasing a brand new car from the manufacturer can be the best option, especially if you work shifts and rely on your car for work. And if you’re an NHS worker, you can enjoy one of our many discounts on your new vehicle too.

3. Customise it to your needs

Cars are a practical mode of transport to get you from A to B. But they’re also a great accessory that should suit your lifestyle. When you buy a new car, you’ll often have the option to customise the design to fit your preferences during the manufacturing process. Features such as the colour, the interior finish and extras such as heated seats can all be added, amended or removed. This way you are left with the perfect car for you and your family, without needing to spend time and money on changing the features of your second-hand car.

4. Better warranty

New cars always come with warranty deals that cover you for three to five years, depending on the one you choose. A new car warranty will cover you for most faults such as engine repairs, problems with steering, suspension or air conditioning. It’s worth noting that ‘consumable’ items such as tyres or windscreen wipers aren’t covered under this warranty – but any major failures that could stop your car from running are taken care of.

5. It’s simple

Making any new, big purchase can be stressful, and buying a used car could add unnecessary pressure. Buying from a private seller in particular can be risky because you have fewer rights if something goes wrong, and you may have to travel to find a suitable vehicle.

One of the biggest benefits of buying a new car is the simplicity of it all. With Motorfinity, our eligible customers can select almost any car make or model they like, rather than being limited by the stock that’s available at the time of purchase.