How it works

Motorfinity agree discount terms for eligible customers directly with manufacturers and approved suppliers / dealers, these discounts are then passed on from Motorfinity to our eligible customers. All you have to do it simply submit your enquiry, along with your contact details and postcode and we will do the rest. In no time you will be contacted by the relevant supplier for the brand you have chosen and they will do the rest.

  • 1. Take a look at some of the example offers on the website. Remember – all models are available from the manufacturers we work with so if the one you are looking for isn’t shown don’t worry.
  • 2. Submit an enquiry using our online enquiry form or call the enquiry line to speak to an agent who will take the details from you over the phone. All we need is your name, contact number, email address, and details of the vehicle you are interested in.
  • 3. You will be contacted by our approved supplier who will know exactly how to process your discount and help you fully with your enquiry.
  • 4. If you are considering more than one brand of car don’t worry – just submit the details on your enquiry and we will do the work for you so that all the relevant supplier gets in touch.

It really is that simple! Any questions please see our FAQ’s or get in touch with one of the team –

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Am I eligible for Motorfinity discounts?

This depends on the manufacturer – please click here to see our eligibility criteria.

Do you take part exchange?

Yes. The supplier of your vehicle will be happy to consider your current car as a trade-in. When you are contacted, simply advise the supplier of the details of your part exchange vehicle and they will discuss the valuation and options with you and can factor this into the deal.

Can I have options on my car?

Yes. You can specify and build the car as you want it just as you would normally do – our supplier will provide you with a fully discounted quote with money taken off the options too. If free metallic is available – we will pass that on to you too! The good news is that options are usually also discounted in-line with the same level of discount you get on the car.

Can the car be on finance?

Yes. Hire Purchase (HP) and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is available If you are unsure which is right for you see our explanation below.

Our team will discuss the finance options with you that suit your circumstances. They would normally require the following information from you:

  • - The type of finance you require (PCP or HP)
  • - Your deposit
  • - Your annual mileage (for PCP agreements)
  • - Your preferred term (the time the finance contract runs for)
What is HP finance?

Hire Purchase (HP) is a form of finance available if you wish to own it outright at the end of the agreement term.

After paying an initial deposit, the remaining value of the car is paid back in monthly instalments spread across an agreed term.

The benefits of HP finance:

  • owning the car outright at the end of the agreement term
  • no mileage limits

The disadvantages of HP finance:

  • typically higher monthly repayments than PCP finance
  • not owning the car until the final payment is made
  • difficulty selling the car before the finance is paid off
What is PCP finance?

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) offers fixed monthly repayments and the ability to change your car every few years.

You pay an initial deposit, followed by monthly repayments (how many depends upon the term) and at the end of the agreement you have three options:

  • Hand the car back to the dealer and walk away
  • Exchange your car for a new model and renew your PCP contract
  • Buy the car outright by paying off the balloon payment of the finance

The benefits of PCP finance:

  • often lower monthly repayments compared to hire purchase or a personal loan
  • the flexibility to change your car, keep it or walk away at the end of the term

The disadvantages of PCP finance:

  • not actually owning the car unless you pay the optional balloon payment
  • an agreed mileage limit and additional charges if you exceed it
  • an obligation to keep the car in good condition and properly serviced
  • a risk of high costs if you need to leave the contract early, exceed your mileage limit or return the car with excessive wear and tear

Do you sell used cars?

Yes we do. We source used cars from the approved suppliers that we work with ensuring that the cars available are only from quality, reputable franchise dealerships. Our suppliers offer various incentives to Motorfinity customers such as free paint protection, nationwide delivery or other benefits as advertised.

Who are the manufacturer approved suppliers?

All of our suppliers are manufacturer approved and authorised. We work with specialist suppliers who are appointed to manage the sales and verify eligibility for the manufacturing brands. We also work directly with local franchise dealerships and on behalf of manufacturers directly. We believe that convenience is paramount to our customers and our supplier all work with this in the forefront of their mind.

Do you charge any fees?

No. We proudly do not charge any fees to our customers passing on the savings is what we are about.

Why use Motorfinity?

Motorfinity has worked hard to secure specialist discounts for its customers because of the job you do and we want you to have the best price with the best experience. This is why we process all our customer enquiries only using the best suppliers. Afterall, they are the people who know all about the product they are selling and they are best placed to guide you through the car buying transaction, with part exchange, finance and other products that you may require. We simply initiate the transaction and activate the discount process. It really is all about you – giving you the best price and best experience.

Are the cars UK specification?

All our cars are built to UK specification and come with the standard manufacturers warranty. The cars supplied are no different to the cars supplied by your local franchise dealership albeit they come with a special price tag.

Where do I collect my car?

You will have a number of options available depending upon how your chosen manufacturer works. Your car can either be collected from your local dealership (if they participate in the scheme), from our manufacturer approved suppliers or delivered to your home either driven by road or delivered by trailer (subject to trailer delivery charges). The supplier of your vehicle will be able to talk you thorough the options that are available to you.

Am I the first owner of the vehicle?

Yes all new cars are registered in your name as the purchaser of the vehicle and you will be the first registered owner.

  • Manufacturers Approved Suppliers
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Big Savings